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Responsive Designs was established in 1990 with the goal of providing architectural services, which are responsive to the needs of the client, the site and the environment. Our work is primarily residential: new construction, additions, and renovations. We work with you to design your project.

Since every project is unique, our services vary in scope and involvement and are tailored to individual projects and budgets. Architects play many roles. We are Designers, creating attractive and efficient spaces; Technical Advisors, engineering and detailing structures; and Facilitators, coordinating and expediting projects. We know that good communication is the key to good design and subsequently a successful project.


Kate Briggs Johnson, Architect has always incorporated environmentally friendly practices into her designs. In recent years, she has been more actively involved in the Green Building. In her own home, she included photovoltaic cells, passive solar design, solar thermal heat, super insulation and non-toxic building materials. 



As our population continues to get older, planning for aging is increasingly important. Every home and individual is unique. Careful communication and advance planning are keys to creating a successful on-going living situation.  

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